Use Free Chatgpt Tool Online No login

Use Free Chatgpt Tool Online | No Login

There are a few ways to interact with ChatGPT for free, though it’s important to clarify that these methods don’t directly access the latest version, ChatGPT-4. Here’s a breakdown of the two options you mentioned

Free ChatGPT without Login


Use ChatGPT through Bing

Microsoft Bing search engine has integrated ChatGPT technology to power its new chatbot. This means you can experience some of ChatGPT’s capabilities for free while using Bing.

Use ChatGPT through Bing


Here’s how it works

  • Requirements: You’ll need the latest version of Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Steps:
    1. Open Microsoft Edge and navigate to Bing.
    2. Look for the chat icon or search for “Bing Chat.”
    3. Start a conversation and interact with the Bing chatbot powered by ChatGPT.


  • This version may not offer the full functionality or capabilities of the standalone ChatGPT.
  • You’re limited to interacting within the Bing ecosystem.

Access ChatGPT-3.5 on Hugging Face

Hugging Face is a platform for sharing machine learning models. While they don’t directly offer free access to ChatGPT, they do provide a way to experiment with smaller, public versions of the model trained on a subset of the data (often referred to as ChatGPT-3.5).


Here’s what you need to know:

  • Requirements: An account on Hugging Face.
  • Steps:
    1. Create an account on [Hugging Face].
    2. Search for “ChatGPT” or “GPT-3.5” models.
    3. You’ll find various models available for assessment, often with limitations on queries or functionality.


  • These are smaller, research versions and may not offer the same performance as the full ChatGPT.
  • Functionality and access may vary depending on the specific model you choose.

Important Note:

The second method (using Hugging Face) doesn’t directly access ChatGPT itself, but provides a way to explore similar technology for free.

Free Up to $150,000 in Azure Credits with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Microsoft actually offers startups more than just $2500 in credits for using Microsoft Azure. Through the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program, qualifying startups can get access to up to $150,000 in Azure credits This credit can be used towards a variety of Azure products and services, allowing startups to experiment and build their applications on the cloud platform.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub offers:

  • Up to $150,000 in Azure credits: This can be used to cover the cost of running your startup’s applications on Azure.
  • Free access to leading AI models: This includes access to cutting-edge AI models like OpenAI GPT-4 and Llama 2 from Meta.
  • Free development tools: Startups get free access to essential developer tools like GitHub Enterprise and Visual Studio Code.
  • Expert guidance: Founders Hub provides startups with unlimited access to 1:1 consultations with Microsoft experts who can help with business and technical challenges.

To be eligible for the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program, your startup must meet some criteria. These include:

  • Building a software-based product or service
  • Being privately held and for-profit
  • Not having received Series D funding or later
  • Not having previously received more than $10,000 in Azure credits

If you think your startup qualifies, you can apply for the program on the Microsoft for Startups website

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